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Chat system design to improve collaboration
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Chat system design - Laptop preview


This feature was created for Brandpa. Brandpa is a website where people can find a registered domain name to compliment their business. The domain name comes with a free logo design. It was designed to simplify the process of starting a new business. Visit:

Due to an increased popularity of Brandpa, more and more sellers were coming in and needing logos for their domain names. Demand increased from 43 logos per month to over 1000 per month. The current solution was not sustainable and needed to be addressed.


The goal of the project was to design a chat system the sellers and the logo designers could use in order to collaborate on the logo design.


In the 90 days sine the launch of the feature:

  • Saved 19 hrs per week on logo creation
  • Sellers comms satisfaction: 8 out of 10 (up from 3 out of 10)
  • 732 logos per week more (at peak) than before the change


With one designer on board, designing 1000 per month wasn’t sustainable. Using third party logo-design services, providing briefs for each logo and then moving logo assets between other platforms and Brandpa was very time consuming (approx. 20 hrs a week).

The new way of working

This project aimed to decrease manual labour for one designer. We’ve done this by delivering a chat system that enabled communication between the sellers and the logo designers.

User research insights

I planned and conducted 5 remote interviews with designers and surveyed 139 sellers. I also did a competitive analysis of other products that use a chat system as a form of communication.

Key insights

  • Designers need clear logo vision instructions to know what to design.
  • Designers require guaranteed income (some platforms only pay if they β€œwin”).
  • Sellers need direct communication with designers.
  • Sellers want a mobile-friendly Brandpa dashboard.
  • Both sellers and designers want to be able to request help from Brandpa admins.



I created wireframes to layout content and functionality on a page. This took into account user needs and user journeys based on my previous research.

High fidelity screens

Below is a sample of a few screens developed to meet the needs of both the sellers and the designers during a process of communicating any requirements related to a logo design.